Chinese Food – Amazing SICHUAN BBQ in Mountain Village, China!

Chinese Food - Amazing SICHUAN BBQ in Mountain Village, China!

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Sichuan BBQ – From Chengdu we drove about 2 hours to the countryside, into the mountains of Sichuan. We enjoyed two full Chinese Sichuan food meals, including a unique and extraordinary Sichuan bbq experience.

Meal #1: Unfortunately it was a very rainy day, and the rain didn’t let up the entire day. But we still made the most of everything. When we arrived, we watched the family finished up the first lunch preparation including mostly ingredients they had grown or foraged for from their land and the mountain. We had some home-cooked mountain style Sichuan dishes like mushrooms and pork, and lots of bamboo shoots. What struck me about this type of Sichuan food is that it was so much different from Sichuan food we had in Chengdu city. It wasn’t all about the thick red chili oil, but the food was still laced with chilies and Sichuan peppercorn, but without the heavy oil. Lunch was spectacular.

Walk into the forest: Again, it was raining all day and wouldn’t let up. But we still decided to hike a little ways up into the mountain to see where they grow their vegetables, and where they forage for some of their ingredients like bamboo shoots. Something I learned is that kiwi fruits are actually native to the forests of Sichuan.

Meal #2: For meal #2, and it seems everyone who comes here has 2 meals back to back, it was all about Sichuan bbq. There was a duck, a rooster, and a rabbit, all of which were marinated in fermented bean paste, chilies, garlic, and a host of other spices and ingredients, and fully rubbed in the marinade. A while later, they skewered the meat onto huge rotisserie, and built a bonfire on the bottom. For over an hour they slow roasted the meat, until it was crispy and golden. Again, we sat down for another big Sichuan countryside meal.

It was a great Chinese food day trip, and nice to see a little bit of the countryside of Sichuan.

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